The Doctor Blue Box

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

1/100 @ f/8 ISO 320 Nikon D90 45mm

Last week I went with my class to Manhattan for the PDN Photo Plus Expo. While we where there we made a trip in to Central park to find Strawberry Fields. I had been three times before, each trip the flowers that decorate the memorial are different. The design always incorporates a peace sign.

Self Portrait 2

1/50 @ 5.6 ISO 400 Nikon D90 105mm

This is a self portrait I set up using a white flower and lights pointed on to it. I wanted to create an RGB mixture with lights. I used hot lights with snoots and gels. I had one Halo light pointed on me. The gels filled in the shadows so I had to be careful with my contrast.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Water drop in motion

f /16 @ 1/3 ISO 100 Canon EOS 5D, 65mm

My classmate, Alex Elder, brought in a machine that uses an infrared beam to sense when the water passes by in order to set off the flash and catch the drop in motion. By using different delays you could catch the drop at different stages in motion. We then introduced colored water to add some interest. We used one Sigma 500dg super that was synced up to flash when the water hit the beam.

Self Portrait

Portrait:f/13 @ 1/60 Apple:f/10 @ 1/15 ISO:320 Nikon D90

For both of the shots before bringing them into Photoshop I used two Halo lights as balanced light. One at a 45 degree and one filling in the shadows where I wanted it. After setting up lights and camera angle I had my classmate Samantha McCaskill help me shoot.