The Doctor Blue Box

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pie time

The pies have arrived!
as promised here are the results
  I will update upon consumption.

Apple Asiago Pie

Blueberry Meyer Lemon Mini Pie


Uncooked teaser...

It all started with a desire for apple pie...

Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving has different meanings for everyone, I simply enjoy the spirit of the holiday season.
Weather you are celebrating in this fashion, another, or its not that time of year; I feel that when people join together in harmony good things come of it. So I keep the love alive in my own way.

This is not my turkey day, I am a vegetarian. I am grateful for the bountiful earth and the gifts it gives me. I am grateful I am here to experience it.

Handmade apple asiago pie.

I had dough left over from the apple pie and decided to make a small blueberry, meyer lemon pie. These are the uncooked teaser images, I am excited to see them done.
Which will be an hour from now!