The Doctor Blue Box

Sunday, August 21, 2011

One day without shoes

Toms event in Chapel Hill, NC.
YMCA 2011

The music blared, the crowd marched on, straight to the police station in Chapel hill.
Brought to us by Toms, a one for one company that gives children in need a pair for every pair you buy.
Hosted by the Chapel Hill YMCA.

People came out of their houses as we marched down Martin Luther King Blvd.
Kids screamed and rolled down the hills at the police station.
Youth and adult alike flung their bare feet in the air for a message, one message.

Toms not only gives a child a pair of shoes, they also make sure they are suited for the environment the child is in.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blue Ridge

Little unknown place on the Blue Ridge.

I spent a week in the mountains recently, how lovely!
I climbed rocks, ran in the rain, and said hello to many a pull off on the ridge.
water straight from the rocks was an eye opening (due to almost falling in) and breathtaking experience I wont soon forget.