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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Artwork to support my trip to Brazil

Variety of colorful bracelets for 50c a piece, some are small for the little ones, they are all on elastic!

Rainbow star arm or leg warmers, ink on white cotton, washable

up-cycled tie-dye scarf/necklace

cotton string, beads and wood

blue dream glitter mirror to hang on wall, to brighten any room

rose pink heart hanging mirror

sold as a set or separately they reflect you and your light 
6$ a piece

                                                                    I AM LOVE mirrors   2x2in
                                      I can add string to any that you want to hang rather than sit
                                                                            6$ a piece

                                                       Rainbow sparkle heart reflector

                                                               Buddha- Free Tibet  70$
                                                                11x20in with string
                                       Materials: pastel, watercolor, hand colored photography

Mother squirrel rescues babies 45$10.5 x 12in brown frame

                                             Shroom, gold matte, warm brown frame 35$
                                                            perfect for the kitchen!

Sungod (paperhand puppet)  45$
                                           Hand color burned in darkroom, photography
                                                          10.5x13.5in black frame

                                                               Clear Light     50$
This photograph is on translucent paper, ready to sit in the window and shine, the two frames spin as well

Want one? E-mail me!
I can gift wrap most pieces!
I can ship as well
Not sure and would like to take a closer look in person?
E-mail me!

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